Introducing a new and exciting photo and video sharing platform designed specifically for the Muslim community! Our platform is a unique space where you can connect with friends and family in a halal way, share your daily moments, and special memories, and discover Islamic content and accounts.


One of the key features of our platform is the hashtag feature which allows you to find like-minded individuals and join the Muslim community in a fun and safe space. Our platform is designed to be a hub for the Muslim community to connect, learn, and have fun. With built-in features that allow you to learn about Islam in an interactive way.


We understand the importance of privacy and security when it comes to sharing personal moments, which is why we have placed a high emphasis on ensuring the privacy and security of our users. Our platform gives users complete control over who can see their content, ensuring that your personal information and shared moments are kept safe and secure.


Our platform is committed to protecting your privacy and not sharing or selling any personal information to advertisers or marketers. So share your content with only those you wish to see it. It's your created online life, so share it with those you trust the most. Users can share any type of posts, images or videos, but they shouldn’t contain indecent/explicit or pornographic images, videos or sounds. Anything ethical or halal is allowed to be shared or discussed.


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